The philosophy of METAU ENGINEERING SRL is about focusing ourselves on the goal of offering,  in the PERMANENT MAGNETIC COUPLING FIELD, a “TOTAL SERVICE to the end users of the  OM customers   ensuring  a maximum return thank to a correct sizing of energy transformation organs.  The choice of the components and their integration in the overall machine ensure reliability, economy and safety. Noways the automation fluid is a mature technology, but always evolving and it can be developed and spread by qualified personnel only. Our team is made of top specialized technicians  and we are pleased to share our know-how just offering our product and services.  The same care is given to the  after-sale service critical to the economy of machines which usually are very expensive.

Please, note, our MAGNETIC COUPLING is a CUSTOM MADE PRODUCT: we are looking  forward to meet the needs of any customer

We are certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 by TÜV Italy Srl.

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